• School Management System
    Our school system captures and generates loads of data from your School's everyday operations.
  • Ares Prism
    PRISMG2 is an enterprise project lifecycle management software solution that supports the planning, execution, and completion of capital projects for dependable forecasts, cost control, and performance measurement.
  • Payment gate way
    We offer many payment processing options to serve the needs of your business.

Why choose ADP Technologies LTD

Our products have enabled our clients to improve their business systems and create more value for their customers. We specialize in the development of end-to-end business solutions; creating and maintaining spatially enabled Management Information Systems (MIS), and managing the installation and support of our global partners’ products. We also provide Technical Writing and Documentation services.

  1. Methodology

    Our methodology is built on three components: people, process, and tools. Supported by years of combined staff knowledge, training, expertise, and experience, our Standard Operating Procedures and latest technological tools ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget.

  2. People

    We constantly invest in the development of our staff through internal training classes as well as external continuing education programs, certifications, and involvement in industry organizations. In addition to being technical experts, our people are team builders, facilitators, and leaders.

  3. Process

    Our process incorporates specialized procedures that enable us to approach each client in a consistent, productive, and efficient manner. This process defines roles and responsibilities, promotes effective communication, manages expectations, and ensures quality implementation. Our proven system is easily customized to meet each client’s unique needs and ensures measurable and repeatable results.

  4. Tools

    Our tools consist of standardized forms that maintain continuity and establish quality control. We have developed templates that support our process and provide uniform methods of gathering, dispersing, and acting on information.

  5. Technical Writing and Documentation
    • Standard operating policies and procedures: Operating documents for organizations; they contain rules and regulations on how the organization and its members are expected to perform.
    • Technical Guides and Handbooks:
    • Business plans
    • Technical specifications: Descriptive and operational details on a new or updated product.
    • Marketing Documents, such as, Brochure, Case study, Press release, Product Handbook, Marketing script, Advertising copy, Data sheets.