About Us

Who we are

ADP Technologies (U) Ltd is one of the leading software solution developers in Uganda. Our products have enabled our clients to improve their business systems and create more value for their customers. We specialize in the development of end-to-end business solutions; creating and maintaining spatially enabled Management Information Systems (MIS), and managing the installation and support of our global partners’ products. We also provide Technical Writing and Documentation services.


To guarantee value-for-money by exceeding our client’s expectations


To be the leading Software Technology provider in the region through competitive offerings

What we do:

ADP Technologies (U) LTD was founded in 2013 with the vision of becoming a leading software developer in the country. We took on the role of supplying quality solutions in a market that is quickly expanding with very few reliable technology development providers.

We put together a team of talented individuals with skills that range from Computer Management Systems Analysis, App and Web Development to Hardware Integration. While the industry standard is that as many as 30 % of all IT projects are cancelled before they are finished, ADP’s track record is 100% completion. Our innovative, spatially enabled solutions are geared to meeting the specific requirements of the environments in which our clients operate. ADP was built to be an

air-tight and robust solutions partner.

In 2015, we embarked on getting global partners that share our vision and are looking to enter the Ugandan market space with new and innovative solutions. With the help of XCBG International, we were able to come to a partnership with Ares Prism, our first international partnership. And that has resulted into more partners coming on board, not only in the software market space, but also in energy, geospatial and agriculture. As we continue to grow, we strive to be the

best in the business, and the go-to company for all your software requirements.

ADP Technologies (U) LTD can not only analysis, design and Computer Management systems, but will also assist in designing apps and websites. Our consultants will assist you in creating and deploying spatial solutions on all platforms ranging from desktop systems to mobile systems and Smartphone’s. We have a team of software architects, business analysts, system analysts, project managers, software engineers, front end and back end specialists and network and hardware engineers who can tackle any problem and come up with workable solution. While the industry standard is that as many as 30 % of all IT projects are cancelled before they are finished, FSH’s track record is 100% completion in the last two years and 98% successful completion in the next 5 years. Out innovative spatially enabled solutions are geared to meet the specific requirements of the environments used by our customers and are backed by an inclusive range of support services. These elements of business analysis, systems analysis, system design and architecture and development, project management, system implementation, training, skills transfer, hardware and technical support are covered to provide a rich and dynamic platform for visual control through electronic mapping over the MIS system.

With its core focus being JAVA SCRIP, FORTRAN, ALGOLLISP,C, C#,SQLC++JAVAPOSTSCRIPTHTML XML, ADP Technologies (U) LTD provides a layer-based, intelligent mapping system that integrates into most mainstream databases, producing a snapshot geographical representation of the information. The customer’s business becomes limitless, as information is easy to access, retrieve and graphically analysis.