Akampa Aaron C.E.O

Aaron is a vibrant, driven leader with impeccable people skills. He is an exceptional salesman and has experience of working in highly competitive industry having worked with Unilever Uganda in the customer development department. He also worked with Global PS lotto in its infancy, running their largest distributor, Kentico Co. ltd where he grew revenue by over 200% in six months, attributed to his emphasis on geographical expansion and customer satisfaction. Aaron holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Makerere University, Kampala.

As C.E.O at ADP he gets to do the following Roles:


  • Advises the Board
  • Advocates / promotes organization and stakeholder change related to organization mission
  • Supports motivation of employees in organization products/programs and operations

Visionary / Information Bearer

  • Ensures staff and Board have sufficient and up-to-date information
  • Looks to the future for change opportunities
  • Interfaces between Board and employees
  • Interfaces between organization and community

Decision Maker

  • Formulates policies and planning recommendations to the Board
  • Decides or guides courses of action in operations by staff


  • Oversees operations of organization
  • Implements plans
  • Manages human resources of organization
  • Manages financial and physical resources

Board Developer

  • Assists in the selection and evaluation of board members
  • Makes recommendations, supports Board during orientation and self-evaluation
  • Supports Board’s evaluation of Chief Executive