Kibira Jim Davis Operations Manager

He is a well-motivated and energetic individual who possesses good interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively at all levels within the organizational setup. He is an active and effective team player, with a high degree of self-reliance and initiative. Jim Davis holds a   Bachelor degree in Psychiatric from Makerere University School and also has a master’s in Public Health. He was the lead researcher of ADHD and Autism at the institute of Psychology. He is good at monitoring public opinion regarding our organization or particular issues; he comes up with communication strategies for the organization and advises management on communication issues and strategies.

As the Operations Manager at ADP Jim Davis gets to do the following Roles;

Management of Resources

Jim Davis play a leading role in managing both raw materials and personnel. Oversight of inventory, purchasing and supplies is central to the job. Human resources tasks include determining needs, hiring employees, overseeing assignment of employees and planning staff development.

Financial Management

He also plays a key role in budgeting, controlling costs and keeping the organization on track financially. Their management of the supply chain and other resources helps minimize costs of production. They study business forecasts, sales reports and financial statements to find ways to maximize results. They use methods such as cost-benefit analysis to improve efficiency. Modern operations management even includes sustainability in the financial equation.


Jim sets goals and objectives and establish policies for various departments at ADP technologies. For example, his duties include sales forecasting and planning of sales promotions. In cooperation with other managers, they help establish procedures and put them into effect.


He has good communication and interpersonal skills to help the different parts of ADP to work together. His job includes creating a positive culture where the work can get done. He facilitates communication between employees and departments. At times, he helps resolve disputes or disagreements.